Skin Tightening RF Treatments

Anti-Aging treatments that will leave you looking younger but more like the real YOU!

Everybody wants to look younger, firmer, sexier, flawless and above all - beautiful. Oftentimes, with all the nick, tuck and fill, we lose a part of who we are. Sometimes, we just don't look like ourselves anymore. Well, a new trend shows that more people are turning to alternative methods to try to stay looking young. In the future, Botox injections and fillers may be a thing of the past, replaced by non-invasive anti-aging treatments that are actually good for you.

To top it of, many of these non-invasive treatments are completely pain-free, with no down-time and can be done during your lunch hour. One of these treatments is the Venus Legacy, an advanced version of the Venus Freeze.

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How wrinkles develop in the skin

As the skin ages, its layers go through many changes in the dermis and the epidermis. Wrinkles are part of the aging process and occur when the collagen becomes increasingly fragmented and there is a decline in the number of dermal fibroblasts that produce collagen. Combined with a reduction in dermal circulation, the skin becomes less elastic and causes the formation of wrinkles.

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How Venus Legacy reduces wrinkles

Our solution to wrinkles is Venus Legacy, which is the advanced technology for non-invasive treatments with proven clinical results. The technology is patented and combines multi polar radio frequency (RF) with magnetic pulses that work in synergy to effectively diminish wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Two mechanisms work synergistically to reverse the biological processes responsible for wrinkles. The magnetic pulse of the machines used in the process induces the release of growth factors required for the sprouting of new blood vessels, as well as for proliferation of dermal fibroblast. The RF component causes controlled damage and triggers the skin's healing process. The result is a more vital, toned and healthy looking skin with improved elasticity and texture.

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