Tranquility Vanilla Water Infusion Drops (60 Servings)


"Inner Peace"

  • Lightly delicious and FREE of: Sugar, Calories, Artificial Sweeteners and Colors, Caffeine, Gluten
  • Helps you hydrate and drink more water
  • Helps calm anxiety  with a light and delicious Vanilla and Chamomile flavor
  • Soothes tension and promotes relaxation 
  • Portable eco friendly "on the go package" and makes up to 60 beverages


      Drop it in and mix it how you like it!  The choice is yours. Enjoy in cold, hot or sparkling water, with a hint of flavor or bolder flavor.  Use anytime when you need assistance with stress or relaxation. 

      SHAKE WELL: Mix 1-2 full droppers in 8-16 ounces of hot, cold or sparkling water. Enjoy as often as desired.